Review Policy

What We Read:
"Cake and grief counseling will be concluded at the end of the test."

There's not much we won't give a chance to but please read the rules before you submit a review request:
Please introduce yourself, include the title and publication date of your book and a short synopsis. Please link us to your book's GoodReads page. 

You must also let us know what your favorite 80s movie is.

Things to include if available: 

  • your book's webpage
  • your personal blog
  • amazon reviews

That being said:

Cara will read:
YA, NA, Mystery, Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels. I am bitchy about erotica- I will consider it but just know if it's anything like 50 Shades you will get a bad review... mainly out of principle. I'm not saying 50 Shades was bad... I'm saying it was SO bad that I wish the Russians had won the cold war.

Things I won't read: political, historical, or biographical. I read to escape, not to get depressed... unless you're Augusten Burroughs- then I'll read it.

I write action books about female contract killers. I'm partial to ass kicking women.
please submit your request to:

Tyler will read:
NA, YA, Mystery – Women Sleuths, Mystery, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Romance, Erotica

I get big ole lady boners for flawed and hilarious leading ladies. (See: my obsession with Authors Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris (I like Sookie but I LOVE Aurora Teagarden and Lily Bard), and fellow Rad Vag writer, Cara’s Wasted Series.) If you have a book with a kickass, funny MC then I’ll be excited.

I won’t read non-fiction. Sorry, not my cup of tea.
Submit your request to:

Jolene will read:

I’m a whore for Dumbledore…and YA, NA, Mystery, Horror, Paranormal / Supernatural, books that make me laugh, anything dark, and things that have to do with Halloween, fall, or carnivals.

Things I won’t read: non-fiction, political, or weak females who rely only on men to save them. (Snip snap!)

Things I love hard (in books): strong leading ladies, bad boys, and anything that remotely resembles the Goonies or the Hardy Boys.

Please submit your request to:

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